Catalog of Hand Punches

This catalog illustrates our line of custom made hand punches. Click here for a selection of logos available for these tools.
We specialize in custom applications.

We have made these punches individually by hand since 1906. The traditional nickel-plated iron construction has been augmented with aircraft quality alloy castings on our principal products, making them entirely rust-proof and more durable than before.

Punch accessories, including leather holsters, removable reservoir caps, finger rings, and security chains are also available.

Click on the punches below for description and specifications:

#5 Punch 1 1/2" Reach
#12 Punch 2" Reach
#12-L Punch 3/4" Reach For Plastics
#12 E Punch 3" Reach
PC-4 Punch 4 1/4" Reach
#13 Punch Strap-slot punch for plastics